Solve a Mystery

Solve a Mystery Sample Agenda

This template is from a larger workshop booklet by Berrien and Macomb ISDs.


Topic: Choose a topic where students would need to guess what is presented by the other participating class(es). For example, a geographical location, a historical figure, a president, an author, a book, a time period, etc.


Time frame: A week or so to prepare your presentation of the clues, and a 45-60 minute videoconference with your partner class.


Preparation: Decide on the required clues or clue categories and communicate that with your partner school. Decide how to present the clues. Plan for visuals. Assign tasks and involve as many of your own students as possible. Prepare the presentation.


Agenda: 60-90 minutes


Visuals: Use document camera or PowerPoint to share a few local pictures of interest.

Visuals: Skit, iMovie illustration, or PowerPoint with digital pictures, posters with large letters.



Learning Space (organization no longer exists)