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Quiz Bowl

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Quiz Bowl Sample Agenda

This template is from a larger workshop booklet by Berrien and Macomb ISDs.


Topic: You could run a quiz bowl on a specific topic, or on a collection of general knowledge topics, depending on your goals for the event.


Time frame: You will need a few class periods prior to the connection to prepare the quiz bowl questions and a 45-60 minute videoconference for the event.

Preparation: The hosting school should have a team to lead the quiz bowl and may also wish to have a competing team. The lead team should develop the questions and communicate the rules to the other participating classes. A plan for points and various categories should be developed as well.

Note: A quiz bowl is more fun with more than two schools connecting. A facilitator and a technician managing a bridge to connect multiple sites would be needed to make this a multi-point project.


Agenda: 50-60 minutes

  • 5 min. Welcome and introductions. Each class shares their location and brief information about their school.

Visuals: Use document camera or PowerPoint to share a few local pictures of interest.

  • 30-40 min. Three-to-four ten minute question rounds. Moderator indicates the order of questions and reads the questions. Another person should keep track of the points. Rotate through each of the participating schools/teams.

Visuals: The document camera could be used to have teams record their answer and then share it. In addition, some questions may be enhanced with a visual aid.

  • 5 min. Conclusion. If time is available, students may enjoy asking each other questions about their respective locations and schools before signing off.

Reference: http://www.fgse.nova.edu/saxophone/

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