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Problem Solving

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Problem Solving Sample Agenda


Time frame: A class period to prepare your problem presentation; a few class periods to practice solving such problems, and a 45-60 minute videoconference with your partner class.


Preparation: Decide how to present the problem (illustration, story, hands on activity). Plan for visuals. Assign tasks and involve as many of your own students as possible. Prepare your presentation. Practice solving similar problems.


Agenda: 60-90 minutes


  • 5 min. Welcome and introductions. Each class shares their location and brief information about their school.

Visuals: Use document camera or PowerPoint to share a few local pictures of interest.

  • 15 min. Problem presentation. Each class shares a 5-7 minute problem. Or for an extra challenge and a longer session, have students present three problems from each class (30 minutes).

Visuals: Live demonstration, iMovie illustration, or PowerPoint with digital pictures, posters with large letters.

  • 20 min. Silence on the videoconference. Each class works busily to solve the problems presented to them.
  • 20 min. Answers and discussion. Each class presents their solution and discusses the answer with the other class. Students can ask each other questions regarding the problem solving process and content. If extra time, students may enjoy asking each other questions about their respective locations and schools.


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