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To add your own lesson to this wiki using this template, follow these instructions.


Write Your Project Title Here

Write a Brief Description here.


Project time frame

Write the time frame of your project here.


How to sign up

If this project is open for others to participate in, include how to sign up. Include registration deadlines. Include also the number of classes that can participate (i.e. will you take the first person who responds? or can more than one school participate?)



Tell us about the type of connection (i.e. is it open only to ISDN/H.320 schools or only IP/H.323 schools?).


Learner Outcomes

What state and/or national standards are you addressing? What are the curriculum benchmarks? What do you expect your learners to accomplish?


Methods and Activities

Describe the methods and activities for the project. Include pre and post conference activities. How will you convey the topic (lecture, discussion, hands on activity)?



What audio/visual aids, handouts, etc. will you use?


Videoconference Details.

Time: About how much time will it take? It's probably best to keep this close to one class period.

Responsibilities: What will students do? What will teachers do?

Agenda: Who will do each part? Which site? What visuals will be used for each portion? You can copy some sample agendas from here.

Credit: Is credit due to another educator for some of the ideas for your project? It's good to mention this as well.


Feel free to include additional information required for state, national, or district lesson planning requirements.