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MJ Project 1

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Project Title: Video and Theatre ALIVE!


Brief Description: Students at St. Joseph High School Theatre Dept. and students at Flint Central High School Theatre Department participate in a collaborative exchange utilizing a professional theatre artist who will present information, offer a challenge for students to work with and follow up under the leadership of the classroom teacher. Professional theatre artist possibilities are stage manager from Broadway's THE LION KING, Artistic Director of NUTCRACKER with The Flint Institute of Music, Technical Director from Unviersity of Michigan-Flint, Professional Actor/Actresses working in professional theatre today, who are former students of Martin Jennings.


Project time frame: About Three weeks


How to sign up

One class at each site will participate in this project. Nancy Fette a participant in the Kid2Kid Videoconference Online Course will arrange for the exchange at St. Joseph High School and Martin Jennings will facillitate the exchange in Flint.



Type of connection: ISDN or IP is available in Flint at Flint Central through The Genesee ISD.


Learner Outcomes

State and/or national standards are you addressing: Michigan Curriculum Framework for Fine Arts, specifically: Theatre Production

Curriculum benchmarks: Technical Theatre Benchmarks for Lightiing and/or Set Design per Michigan Currciulum Framework

What do you expect your learners to accomplish: An understanding through verbal and visual exchange with professionals working in the professional theatre today, and the opportunity to engage in a qualitative theatre experience between two cities.


Methods and Activities

Methods and activities for the project: Teacher exchanges through one-to-one video/phone conferrence for pre-assessment., Students share video tapes of their work from previous theatre experiences, exchange with "how-to's" from professional theatre artist, follow up of activity created by professional theatre artists in conjunction with classroom teachers.

Conveying of topic will be llecture, discussion, and hands on activities



Audio/visual aids, handouts: Videotaped performances, handouts to students, powerpoint presentations, ON-SITE performing using suggestive "scernery" for performance and/or lighting instruments and/or set design materials provided by instructors at sights.



__Videoconference Details__

Time: About how much time will it take? Three class meetings?Responsibilities: Students will participate in the event and do project-based work.

Teachers will: Plan, setup, make connections for the event and monitor student participation as it happens.

**Agenda: *

*Who will do each part? (TBD)

Which site? (TBD)

What visuals will be used for each portion? (TBD)


You can copy some sample agendas from here.

Credit: Internet used websites, teacher resources and guest artist resources.


Feel free to include additional information required for state, national, or district lesson planning requirements.


This project was created as part of the Kid2Kid Videoconference Connections Online Class.

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