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KGroup 9

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Jeopardy Math

Geometry related questions will be presented so participants can provide their response.


Project time frame

45 Minutes


How to sign up

The first person to respond will participate. This VC will be limited to two sites. See MicrosoftWord ad.





Learner Outcomes

(6) Patterns, relationships, and algebraic thinking. The student uses patterns to solve problems. The student is expected to:

(A) Identify and extend whole-number and geometric patterns to make predictions

and solve problems;

(B) Identify patterns in multiplication facts using concrete objects, pictorial

models, or technology;

(8) Geometry and spatial reasoning. The student uses formal geometric vocabulary. The

student is expected to name, describe, and compare shapes and solids using formal

geometric vocabulary.



Methods and Activities

A Jeopardy PowerPoint game will be used to reinforce their knowledge in geometry. The PowerPoint will include video sements from unitedstreaming and questions & answers.



PowerPoint, VC Equipment


Videoconference Details.

Time: 45 Minutes

Responsibilities: Students will get into groups of four and select & answer questions. Teachers will facilitate the Jeopardy game and keep score.

Agenda: New York will present video and El Paso will present the Jeopardy game. Each site will take turns. Students will be given a "buzz card" (this will be used to "buzz" in to indicate that they are ready to respond). Visuals would include the PowerPoint, name tags, score board, "buzz cards" for each site & group, and a label to identify each site.


Assessment/Follow up

Students will journal write on a word processor to express facts they learned and additional information they would like to learn.


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