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Caldecott Decades

Jeopardy 100, 200, 300, 400, 500

Students will learn brief summaries of Caldecott books as well as their titles.

Students will learn the objectives used to award books.


Approximately six weeks period

1 to 2 weeks to read and discuss what caldecott books are

1 to 2 weeks to start prewriting

1 to 2 editing and illustrating


How to sign up

If this project is open for others to participate in, include how to sign up. Include registration deadlines. 3rd, 4th, and 5th Maybe 3 or 4 schools





Learner Outcomes

What state and/or national standards are you addressing? What are the curriculum benchmarks? What do you expect your learners to accomplish?


Methods and Activities













Post - Activities





What audio/visual aids, handouts, etc. will you use?


Videoconference Details.

Time: The total conference should take no more than 45 minutes.


What will students do?

Create name tags and a banner showing where they are from.

What will teachers do?

Teachers need to create Jeopardy game board. Work is divided by decades. Test equipment. Test connections. Familiarize students with equipment (connect with another school)

Preset Cameras to Panelists, game screen.


Time frame: 50 minutes

10 minutes Welcome and Introductions. Classsmates share their location and current information about their school and community.

5 minutes One facilitator needs to explain the game and rules to the students.

30 minutes As a class, students will compete with other classes in a jeopardy style format reviewing Caldecott award winners.

5 minutes Discussion and wrap up.


Electronic Resources

Caldecott Internet Resources

A Hotlist of Electronic Resources Found on the Internet

Reading is Fundamental

Caldecott Cut Ups

An activity is described in detail where students study the mosaic style of Caldecott winners and honorees.

The Caldecott medal homepage from The American Library Association

Describes the Medal and provides a list of winners.

Kids' Choice Awards – Lesson Plans

Design and award your own medal lesson plans. A 13 day unit where students design and award their own medals.

School Library Journal

A school library journal article that includes a number of websites with activities and lessons for teaching students about the Caldecott winners.

Embracing the Child – Illustrators biographies and reviews for Caldecotts.

This page has been created as an online resource to introduce biographical information about each illustrator as well as descriptions and reviews of each of the Caldecott Medal Books. Teaching resources are available as well.

Education World – Kuddos by Kiddos

A detailed lesson plan is provided to encourage students to celebrate Book Week by designing new "medals" for children's books!

Library booklist

A list of recommended awarded titles can be sorted by title, author, or call number.A printable list is also available.

Grade 2 Library Unit

A Library Unit for Grade 2 helping students appreciate the art of illustration. Activities and procedures are described and presented in detail.




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