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KGroup 3

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Find a partner to video conference with and dig into 80's music and lyrics.



Project time frame

Initial contacts made in early September. Groups and songs defined in October. Exchanges and initial video conferences in November. Final product due after Winter Holidays.


How to sign up

This project is open to chosen schools from NY and El Paso ISD (TX) - Contact Mr. Delzer in

El Paso (tedelzer@episd.org)

or Mr. Balaguer from NY (I.S. 145 VampChamp1@aol.com)





Learner Outcomes

This project addresses both NY State, Texas standards and national standards as listed below:


Curriculum Benchmarks:


Learners are expected to accomplish:


Methods and Activities:


Pre conference activities: Provide students with list of 80s songs. (Is not limited to the 80s)


Post conference activities:


Methodology: (Conveying the topic - lecture, discussion, hands on activity)




Audio/visual aids:











Videoconference Details.


Time: About how much time will it take? It's probably best to keep this close to one class period.


Responsibilities: What will students do? What will teachers do?


Agenda: Who will do each part? Which site? What visuals will be used for each portion? You can copy some sample agendas from here.


Credit: Is credit due to another educator for some of the ideas for your project? It's good to mention this as well.


Feel free to include additional information required for state, national, or district lesson planning requirements.


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