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Johnnie Deleon

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Videoconference Project: My Imaginary Journey


This project was created as an assignment in Planning Interactive Curriculum Connections , an online class offered by the Berrien County ISD and taught by Janine Lim.


Topic: My Imaginary Journey



This distance learning project is designed for middle school students to get excited about their writing and practice different types of writing. The teacher will provide students with prompts that take them through 11 steps of a journey. Each step will have a particular writing purpose (ie. descriptive, informative, narrative, etc.) and lead the students through their imaginary journey. As the students write each “chapter” (which is really a paragraph) their story will begin to unfold into a fully illustrated project. Students will be encouraged to maintain a journal of their thoughts as they “travel” through the writing process to develop their story. Then through a 40-45 minute video conference students will share their stories with students from other campuses. Students from the other campuses will be encouraged to make suggestions for ways to improve the story. (What would be really awesome is if we could have collaborating schools who partnered to let students work as editors for one another. I’ve found peer feedback to be very powerful in the classroom. Imagine how much students would want to impress students in a classroom, say, in another state. Now, that’s power!)


Time Frame:

1- introductions of project

2- presentation of prompts

3- writing the paper/story

4- illustrate story and prepare in book format (cover page, etc.)

5- 45 minute VC to share stories

6- reflection...what can we do to improve our stories?


Who may participate-

At this time, I do not know whether or not our district has the capability to offer this activity. However, if it should become possible, this project is designed with Middle School aged students in mind.


Sign up-

Please contact Johnnie DeLeon: jdeleon@burnet.txed.net.

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