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JGroup 8

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What You Eat is Where You Are

This lesson is a variation on Mystery Quest and so could be called Food Quest. In a general sense, students will research the components of culture which could include:environment, economics, class structure, tradition, religion, geographical area, and advertising and their influence on the food choices of a locale or time period.


Although there is a wide range of locations and time periods that could be studied, we will be discussing French provinces in the middle school French language classroom for the purposes of this lesson.


Lesson plan


Pre activities

These are in the lesson plan.


Connection activities

These are in the lesson plan.


Post activity/activities

These are in the lesson plan.



Food_Quest Ad.doc


Implementation Time Line

October 15 - Send out advertisement


November 3 -Deadline for sign up


November 17 - Confirmation


December 1 - Test connection


December 4 - Pre-Activities done


December 6 & 13 Videoconference presentations


December 15 Post activities (Follow up for classes feedback on project.


Surveys sent to the coordinator by the participating sites.

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