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Jenni Allen

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Math Maniacs

Looking for a way to get kids excited about math and story problems?  Then this program is for you!  Each school will prepare story problems for the other school to solve.  Schools can use PowerPoint, document camera, or posters to display the problems.  The program will last about 45 minutes, and is open to 6th grade.  Each school will come up with their own problems for the other school to solve.  If you would like to see a complete agenda, please email me at:  jenniallen10@hotmail.com. 


Project time frame

Preferred dates: Friday, November 2 somewhere between 9:00-11:00 would be the first choice, next choices would be Monday-Friday, November 5-9 between 9:00-10:00.  Deadline: Friday, October 26.


How to sign up

Email me at the above email address.  First come, first serve!



Open only to IP schools.


Learner Outcomes

  • N.FL.06.13 Solve word problems involving percentages in such contexts as sales taxes and tips, and involving positive rational numbers.
  • N.FL.06.15 Solve applied problems that use the four operations with appropriate decimal numbers.



I expect the learners to accomplish the following:

  • work cooperatively in groups
  • use problem solving skills to solve a math problem
  • express their reasoning on how they obtained their answer


Methods and Activities

Before the video conference:
·        Review math problem solving skills with students and do practice problems.
·        Each teacher will be responsible for coming up with the problems for the students to solve. These problems should not be ones that were used during practice. Each teacher should come up with 6 story problems to share, in case there are duplicates.
·        Put the students in work groups of 3-5 students. During the program they will work on the problem in their small work group and then compare/discuss answers with the other groups in the class.
·        Designate someone at one of the locations to be the main facilitator (game show host personality recommended) during the videoconference. This person will coordinate the sharing of the problems, solutions, and basically keep the activity flowing. 
During the video conference:
·        The designated facilitator(s) will present the problem(s) to the classes. 
·        Once the problem(s) is/are presented the locations will mute their microphones and work on their problem in small groups while comparing/discussing their answers and strategies with the other groups in the class. Teachers are encouraged to ask leading questions if their students need direction, but should not directly help them.
·        After about five minutes each location will share their answer and the steps they took to solve the problem.
·        You may keep score, but keep the focus on the activity. Remember, the purpose of the activity is to develop problem solving skills and practice communicating math solutions.
After the video conference:
·        Congratulate the students for a job well done! You should also have the students share their thoughts with you about the program and how it went.
Time Frame (45 minutes for program):
5 minutes:
   Host school will introduce itself to the other school
   Other school will introduce itself as well
Host school will review how the program will work
35-40 minutes:
Each school, starting with the host school, will display a story problem to the other school. 
Then each school will mute for a maximum of 5 minutes to solve the problem. 
After that, one group from each school will share their solution and how they got the answer. 
The school that then gave the problem will share the correct answer.
Wrap up:
Thank yous will be given to all students and schools. 



Teachers can present story problems by using PowerPoint, document camera, or posters.


Videoconference Details.

Time: 45 minutes

Responsibilities: See outline above.

Agenda: See outline above.

Credit: This program is based on the Math Marvals program that can be found at this site: Math Marvals 

Feel free to include additional information required for state, national, or district lesson planning requirements.


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