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Issue Discussion

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Issue Discussion Sample Agenda

This template is from a larger workshop booklet by Berrien and Macomb ISDs.


Topic: You pick! What are you teaching that includes a controversial topic? Take a current events topic or a challenging issue such as homelessness, terrorism, tax cuts, or an environmental issue. Each class takes a side and makes a presentation based on reading and research.


Time frame: You will need a few class periods prior to the connection to prepare your presentation and a 45-60 minute videoconference.


Preparation: Have students read and research the various sides of the issue and decide on their personal stance on the topic. Decide how to have students present their stance. Assign tasks and involve as many of your students as possible.


Agenda: 50-70 minutes (depending on class periods of participating classes)

  • 5 min. Welcome and introductions. Each class shares their location and brief information about their school.

Visuals: Use document camera or PowerPoint to share a few local pictures of interest.

  • 15 min. Share Your Stance. Each student/group briefly shares their stance on the topic. Visuals: Illustrations enhance the experience if there is time.
  • 25-40 min. Discussion. Students from each class take turns discussing the issue. Students should include supporting facts and details from their research in all comments that they make. Participating classes may wish to assign a student facilitator for each class to assist in the flow of discussion.
  • 5 min. Debrief and Conclusion. After the discussion, teachers may wish to debrief and comment on the process and content/curriculum discussed. If time is available, students may enjoy asking each other questions about their respective locations and schools.

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