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Invention or Hands-On

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Invention or Hands-On Project Sample Agenda

This template is from a larger workshop booklet by Berrien and Macomb ISDs.


Topic: Do you already have your students build something in your science classes? I.e. a bridge, a rocket, a pinewood derby vehicle, a musical instrument, an invention, an egg drop cage, or a kite. Instead of creating alone, build the project in tandem with another class and compare results.


Time frame: A 45-60 minute videoconference to meet your partner class, introduce the concept, and establish guidelines for building.

A couple weeks or more to create your invention/project and document the process using a digital camcorder or still camera.

A couple class periods to prepare your process presentation.

A 45-60 minute culminating videoconference to present your building process and the final product to each other. Q&A is important in this session as students will enjoy comparing their building process adventures.


Preparation: Before the first connection: Decide on the project and guidelines. Decide how to introduce the concept. Your students could present, you could present it, or you could team teach with your partner teacher.

For the building process: Arrange for use of your school’s digital camera or camcorder to record the process. Collect materials necessary. Communicate with partner teacher on the process.

For the presentation: Decide on visuals and the best way to show the process and final product. Assign tasks and involve as many of your own students as possible. Prepare your presentation. Prepare questions for your partner class.


Session 1 Agenda: 45-60 minutes


  • 5-10 min. Welcome and introductions. Each class shares their location and brief information about their school and respective classes.

Visuals: Use document camera or PowerPoint to share a few local pictures of interest.

  • 30 min. Project overview. Classes could present related scientific concepts to each other. Teachers could team teach. Show sample products. Share the guidelines of the process.

Visuals: Demonstration, posters, document camera, or PowerPoint.

  • 5-10 min. Question and answer. Students could ask questions about the process or product. They may have questions for each other related to the content or process. If time they may have questions for each other about their respective locations and schools.


Session 2 Agenda: 45-60 minutes

  • 5 min. Welcome and introductions.
  • 30 min. Presentations. Each class shares a 15 minute presentation of their process and final product.

Visuals: iMovie or PowerPoint or the process or other creative multimedia presentation; live or taped demonstration of final product.

  • 15 min. Question and answer. Each class has prepared questions for each other on the content and generates questions while/after listening to the presentation. After content questions, if time, students may enjoy asking each other questions about their respective locations and schools.

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