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Page history last edited by Janine Lim 14 years, 1 month ago

Donna & Shelly - you can negotiate connections etc. in email - that's probably the best way - if you want - I can hook up your project & ideas pages together so you're both writing on the same one - let me know via email if you want me to do that... - jlim@remc11.k12.mi.us.... - Janine


Well! I have been thinking about one idea similar to "Where in hte World? and MQ USA.... among others.



I love your ideas! My class is registered for a VC with the Royal Tyrrell Museum. I have not had a date set yet. Would it be a good idea to ask if it is possible to VC with them at the same time? Or would separate times give our students a richer experience and more to talk about? I have many ideas, but it may be good to talk or vc (?!) and plan. Are you interested in Science, Health, Math or Art, FSL or LA 4 as well?


Apparently in my system, we need to dial out to you. So I would need your IP number. Is this the space to discuss our Wiki ideas? Or should it be in the Forum? I will erase this note when I add some ideas.




Hi Donna,

I just chanced upon this as I was searching around to see if I'd written the right thing. :o)

It sounds as though we have similiar ideas and it would be great to work together. I haven't signed up with the museum yet, but I have a meeting to discuss that on the Oct. 23. We'll have to talk more about doing it together or what would be best for the kids.

Yes I'm interested in Science - I have already started to think about how we could share our Vehicles that Move with your class or something along those lines. Or maybe how plants grow, or don't grow differently in Edmonton compared to Vulcan. Frost free days, sunlight, etc. The kids I have this year did French via VC for the whole year last year, I believe 3 - 4 times a week. We'd love to do some more French. I love LA, so I'm game there too. We could do a novel study together or something along those lines.


Talk to you soon,


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