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DG Project 4

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Let's Get To Know Our Country!!


Participating classes (for now this will be done with my two partners) will divide up the states and will research each. Short reports, displays, powerpoint, etc will be used to share the information found about each state with other participants.


Project time frame

One month before the date of the VC classes will be given assigned states, randomly assigned. Packets will be sent out to participating classes listing assigned states and the information everyone should look for when doing research on the states. Resources will include websites and suggested visuals for the sharing portion of the project. The actual video conference will run 45 minutes to one hour.


How to sign up

In the future I would love to have this opened up to others as long as we can keep to the 45-60 min VC time period.



We will connect by either IP or ISDN.


Learner Outcomes

coming soon


Methods and Activities

Describe the methods and activities for the project. Include pre and post conference activities. How will you convey the topic (lecture, discussion, hands on activity)?



What audio/visual aids, handouts, etc. will you use?


Videoconference Details.

Time: About how much time will it take? It's probably best to keep this close to one class period.

Responsibilities: What will students do? What will teachers do?

Agenda: Who will do each part? Which site? What visuals will be used for each portion? You can copy some sample agendas from here.

Credit: Is credit due to another educator for some of the ideas for your project? It's good to mention this as well.


Feel free to include additional information required for state, national, or district lesson planning requirements.


This project was created as part of the Kid2Kid Videoconference Connections Online Class.

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