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Debra Kraska

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Our Communities


Students from two different regions will share what thier communities are like. They will be taking pictures and writing different forms of reports.


Project time frame

3 to 4 weeks in class, one hour long videocoference for each class


How to sign up

This project is open to other schools in the Northeast or Western regions. The project will be posted on the listserv. Schools will be selected based on their location. Three classes will be partcipating in this project.



This project is open to schools making an IP/H.323 connection.


Learner Outcomes

The students will address social studies benchmarks in the areas of community, maps skills, events on a time line and history of a specific area.

 The students will place the events of the lives of others in chronological order.

The students will use a variety of records to construct a narrative about their personal or family histories.The studens will be able to describe the human and natural characteristiscs of places and explain some basic causes for those characteristics.

The students will identify people and places and explain thier importance.

The students will compare thier community and region with others. They will describe changes in the region over time as well as presently. 

The students will locate information using people, books, audio/video recordings, photos, simple maps, graphs, and tables.  The students will also acquire information from observation of the local environment.  They will make and interperet simple maps of their local surroundings.


Methods and Activities

The students of three different classes will be divided into five groups from each class. One group will be responsible for creating a scrapbook of the pictures, adding journaling to the pictures and collecting them into a book. Another group will report on the changes that have been made throughout history to our community. They will use picutres and facts to present thier information to the other group. Another group will make a human timeline, presenting important dates throughout the communities history. The fourth group will present information about the schools in our community. The last group will make a map of the community.




A letter will be sent to parents explaining the project and asking for digital pictures on a CD to add to our project. A digital camera will be used to take pictures. To present the program the students will be using a document camera. The students will need various art and paper supplies to complete projects in class.


Videoconference Details.

Time: About how much time will it take? There will be one videoconference that will take about 1 hour.

Responsibilities: What will students do? What will teachers do? The students will present part of the presentation in their groups. The teacher will monitor the remote, switching between document camera and camera.

Agenda: Who will do each part? Which site? What visuals will be used for each portion?

Agenda: 60 minutes

2 min. Welcome and introductions.

40 min. Presentations. Each class shares a 15 minute demonstration and presentation on the assigned topic. Teachers should negotiate who will cover what to prevent duplication.

Visuals: PowerPoint with digital pictures of the community, posters with large letters.

15 min. Question and answer. Each class has prepared questions for each other on the content and generates questions while/after listening to the presentation. After content questions, if time, students may enjoy asking each other questions about their respective locations and schools.


Credit: Is credit due to another educator for some of the ideas for your project? It's good to mention this as well. I colloborated with my teaching partner


Feel free to include additional information required for state, national, or district lesson planning requirements. This project is designed for second and third grade students. The students will work on the projects for 50 min. three times a week.


This project was written in the class Planning Interactive Curriculum Connections.


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