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Deb Kraska

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 Math Mania
Time: One class period
The host class will present the problems.  The participating class will also have a chance to present problems to the host class.  Each class will solve each other's problems and share the solutions. 



The host teacher will refer to a book such as "Math Curse" by Jon Scieszka, “Math Potatoes” by Greg Tang or a similar book. The students will create their own riddles as demonstrated in the book.
The participating class should read the book "Math Curse" or similar book prior to the conference. The students also need to have riddles prepared for the other class.  
Introductions (5 min)- each class share location and brief information about their school.
Problem presentation (10 min) - host class will present the problems to the participating class. The participating class will present problems to the host class.
Problem solving (20 min) - mute VC while students solve problems.
Discussion/Presentation (20 min) - each class shares their solutions to the story problems. Charts and solution plans can be posted on wall or document camera.


It is open only to ISDN/H.320 schools or only IP/H.323 schools


Learner Outcomes

Students will be able to recognize the relevance of math in everyday situations.
Using literature, students will solve math problems.



Feel free to include additional information required for state, national, or district lesson planning requirements.


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