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CS Project 2

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Note Reading Challenge

Students will play each other in a game of note reading jeopardy.


Project time frame

This VC project will take place during one class period.


How to sign up

This project is for two classes to participate in.



IP connection


Learner Outcomes

National and State of Minnesota music standards (which are based on the national music standards).


National Standard #:

5. Reading and notating music.


Methods and Activities

Both classes need to be familiar with traditional music notation.

Pre conference activities would include: Students will refresh note reading skills. They will need to know both the bass clef and treble clef.


Use this format:

5 min. Welcome and introductions. Each class shares their location and brief information about their school.

20 min. Game activity. Each class will take turns in the note reading challenge game of jeopardy.

5 min. Conclusion- One classroom will be determined the winner based on the score of the game.


Post-Conference discussion would include how could each class have done better on the activity.



Computer with visual access to both sites.


Videoconference Details.

Time: One Class period of 30-38 minutes

Responsibilities: Students will need to know how to read traditional notation. Teacher will prepare students for doing the jeopardy activity.



This project was created as part of the Kid2Kid Videoconference Connections Online Class.

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