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Cheryl's ideas

Page history last edited by PBworks 13 years, 9 months ago

Partnerships for the class are with other K-5 technology facilitators thus I was thinking it might be nice to plan a project for each gradelevel, 1st through 5th. I'm just thinking "outloud" and trying to capture the ideas while fresh in my mind.



1st grade - students could collect bugs and insects to share with partner schools. Students could collect both actual specimens and/or digital images taken in their area. Using Kid Pix or other drawing program students could "invent" a new creature, draw and write about it and then share with partner classes.


2nd grade -


3rd grade - A math facts challenge - consult with teachers to determine what facts to hold the students accountable for.


4th grade - In Texas student are tested on writing in the 4th grade so I would like to plan an experience that involves writing for a particular audience so that students can practice their skills.


5th grade - Last year in elementary - maybe a project where they share experiences from their elementary years using other technologies such as power point presentations

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