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-- Making Tortillas with the Little Red Hen



Objectives/Topics--Health, Sequencing, Repetition, Compare/Contrast, Phonics, Word Recognition, Predicting, Patterns, Picture Clues, Comprehension


Explanation—Students will be exposed to the books, The Tortilla Factory by Gary Paulsen and The Little Red Hen illustrated by Barry Downard.


Assessments—observation, group projects, class discussion, participation


Preparation Needed—Have the two books on hand, as well as baking ingredients for bread and tortillas. Discuss some differences in the cultures. Pre-conference communication between the two teachers.


Length of time—Two 30-40 minute periods, one session per week for two weeks.


Agenda for the connection—

Introduction (2-3 min.)

Read the book (5-7 min.)

Reread the book in the opposite language (5-7 min.)

Discuss materials involved in making bread or tortilla (5 min.)

Make the tortillas or bread (15-20 min.)

Teacher-led compare/contrast of two books (5-7 min.)


Dates/times—Fall during October or November




Connection information—Point to point connection


Names of people who created the project—Adrian Lopez (Temple), Sal Salazar (Temple), Darla Campbell (BCISD), Dianne Vawter (BCISD), Heidi Clark (BCISD), Laura Witten (BCISD), Pam Bontrager (BCISD)

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